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didacta, the Education Trade Fair



Learning and teaching for a lifetime with didacta
Education and learning accompany us our whole lives long - from the cradle through to an advanced age. Education determines the wealth of families and not least also the wealth of a country and whole nations. This makes it all the more important to accompany and promote the process of education precisely where it most obviously occurs: in the child care centres, schools and universities as well as in vocational institutions.
This is exactly where didacta kicks off - with the sections early learning, schools/universities, vocational qualifications and digital learning materials it already shows you today how learning contents will be conveyed to the classes, years and groups tomorrow and how lessons will be conducted.
At the last didacta in Cologne some 100,000 decision-makers from all educational sections encountered around 800 exhibitors and over 1,500 lectures, workshops and seminars. After all optimal learning has to be learnt and supported.

Come to Cologne to didacta - and take part in Europe’s largest education trade fair from 19 to 23 February 2019!
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