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mefa, trade fair for meat and food production



Main areas


  • Meat, sausage products
  • Game, poultry
  • Delicatessen, delicatessen
  • Commercial goods in general

Raw materials and semi-finished products

  • raw materials
  • Tools, semi-finished products
  • Spices, additives

Shop equipment and equipment, sales promotion

  • Shop and sales facilities for butchers
  • Mobile sales equipment, refrigerators
  • Showcases, refrigerators
  • Packaging, packaging accessories, decoration materials

Manufacturing technology and supplier industry

  • Machinery, apparatus, tools, production facilities
  • Meat processing machines, slaughtering, processing, packaging
  • Transport and storage technology, merchandise management systems, refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Measuring and weighing technology
  • Quality assurance, quality control
  • Professional clothing, hygiene, cleaning, disposal

Organization, information technology, services

  • Cash systems, payment and pricing systems
  • Associations, organizations, specialist schools
  • Planning, consulting, recruitment, insurance, financing, fiduciary services

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