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November 2019

Individual solutions

Touch products, feel quality, understand technology – that is what trade show appearances provide an opportunity for. That is why we from Müller Messebau not only realise your exhibition booth – thanks to our extensive wood and metal processing experience and our in-house graphics department we also produce individual technological showpieces, with which the visitors can put their hands on the newest developments.

For sensor specialists Contrinex, for example, we created a couple boards that showcase the response characteristics of inductive sensors on different materials and different distances for the visitors right at the booth.


Dezenber 2019

We are the official service partner at Messe Freiburg

For Interbrush 2020 we offer you the possibility to order low cost system booths per our official form. You can also order a variety of rental furniture ir graphical work for your booth. Choose an article that fits your needs from the sortiment. No matter if it is a barstool, chair, table, reception desk, showcase or a sieboard. We offer you high-quality designer-furniture for rent.
If you have any unfulfilled wishes, contact us.

WOW effect with a small budget

By the clever use of graphics and fabric systems, if wanted even backlit, you classical system booth transforms into an individual eyecatcher. That way you stand out of the crowd without having to reach too deep into your pockets. No matter if on 9 or 1000 sqm. Modular design and modern materials make it possible to unify indidiuality and cost efficiency in one project. For more information, feel free to contact us.


April 2019

The jump across the pond

At the latest after Donald Trump and his discussion about the American trade deficit, everybody knows: the United States are one of the most important buyer markets for German and European companies. The first step in this market isn’t that easy though, because there are very specific rules and regulations for trade show appearances. One of the biggest differences is, that we are not allowed to deliver the booths into the hall. The logistics and I&D have to be done by union workers and are billed by the time needed and the weight of the booth itself – and that is anything but cheap.

To make your and your companies step across the pond successful, we from Müller Messebau are there for you: We not only know the circumstances of the American market perfectly, but are permanently on site for you with our subsidiary Mueller International Exhibit Services. And if you want to take part in an exhibition, we create a booth concept for you, that keeps the external costs with low weight materials and pre-built parts low. And on top of all that, you can always count on our German planning- and project management and the usual smooth operation from Müller Messebau.

By the way for us it doesn’t play a role, if you just want to service the American market from Europe or if you want to adapt your already existing booth concept for its use in the USA -  we got years of experience in both sectors. For the coating specialists Kroenert for example we developed an own trade show concept for the United States, for solar park supplier Soltec contrarily we are also active in Europe and adapt their appearances for the American market.

>| KROENERT GmbH & Co KG, ICE Louisville, 54 qm

>| Soltec, Solar Power International (SPI), Anaheim, 139 qm