Virtual Reality at the Trade Show Booth

Sustainability 2.0: Müller Messebau’s hybrid trade show booths seamlessly integrate VR technology into your trade show booth and allow for great marvels in the smallest of spaces.

This not only saves time and money, but also protects the environment by eliminating the need to ship large equipment, complex systems, or sensitive machinery halfway around the world for a presentation.

Digital twin

VR technology

AR technology


Digital exhibition walls

Too Big to Be There?

In many cases, it’d often be cheaper and more sustainable not to send large or fragile equipment and the relevant experts halfway around the globe to show products at a trade fair. The hybrid solution makes it possible for the trade fair stand to be physically located on site and optimized for the integration of virtual components.

Are you interested in completely virtual solutions? Then browse through our virtual trade fair worlds offered by Müller Messebau.

No matter which solutions you prefer, Müller Messebau was, is, and remains unique, and it has its focus fixed on the future.

Matthias Glaser
Geschäftsleitung, Design, Planung, Projektleitung