Expo booth construction in Brazil

Brazil is the most populous country and also the largest economy in South America. As a member of the BRICS countries, the country is an emerging nation and therefore an important supplier and sales market for many European companies.

Accordingly, Brazil also plays a prominent role as a trade show location: Participating in trade shows in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Belo Horizonte not only gives you access to the continent's largest market, but also allows you to network with the rest of South America.

Despite all the advantages, you should also consider what are called "Brazil costs", which also have to be taken into account when participating in trade shows due to the patchy infrastructure and high taxes.

We take care of it for you!

For many years, we have worked with experienced local booth builders who understand all the linguistic, cultural and bureaucratic challenges and are happy to navigate them for you. Like us, our cooperation partners are members of the International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services (IFES). This enables us to guarantee the usual high quality standards for the realization of your expo booth.

Places where we have realized exhibition booths for our clients in Brazil:

Ease of entry to new markets

As a trade show construction specialist, we are dedicated to making your trade show experience as easy and relaxing as possible – whether in Germany or Brazil. For you, this means:

At Müller Messebau, you have a single point of contact who coordinates all project stages for you.

You can rely on Müller Messebau's seamless execution and familiar level of quality at all trade shows around the world.

Thanks to our partners, the realization of your trade show appearance is highly cost-effective, as the costs of travel and accommodation are eliminated.

Which shows in Brazil can we take you to?
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Managing Director, Design, Planning, Project Management
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Managing Director, Technical Project and Construction Management
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Erik Keever
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