Our network

As an internationally active trade show construction company, we are committed to various organizations. This network also benefits you as our customer.


Müller Messebau is a member of IFES

IFES (International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services) has over 250 member companies worldwide. Through collaboration with partner companies in the IFES network, we can deliver high-quality trade show booths globally with reduced resource usage and attractive pricing.


Müller Messebau is a member of fwd:

Müller Messebau is a member of fwd: – pronounced "forward" – the interdisciplinary association of the entire German event industry. It represents the political and social interests of its members and strengthens the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between trade show construction and event companies, with a primary focus on implementing sustainability goals.


Müller Messebau is a member of B.A.U.M. e. V.

Müller Messebau is a member of B.A.U.M. e.V., a network dedicated to promoting a livable future through sustainable business practices within planetary boundaries. B.A.U.M. supports its members in developing sustainability strategies. Since joining in 2014, we have benefited from practical information and experience exchanges on our path to becoming a sustainable trade show construction company.


Müller Messebau is a member of FORLIANCE

CO2 compensation is one of the most effective ways to achieve concrete climate protection. It allows you to finance CO2 storage or offset unavoidable emissions from your business by investing in greenhouse gas-binding projects. By supporting international compensation projects, you not only contribute to climate protection but also promote biodiversity conservation and local value chains, thereby improving local livelihoods.


Green Forest Fund e. V.

The Green Forest Fund e.V. plants trees and acquires land in Germany where young trees grow into the primeval forests of tomorrow. We first became aware of this project in 2023 and gifted trees and land to our clients for Christmas.


Müller Messebau ist ECOfit zertifiziert

ECOfit is a funding program from the state of Baden-Württemberg that encourages companies to adopt measures in operational environmental protection. These measures not only aim to comply with relevant environmental regulations but also lead to cost savings by reducing energy consumption and conserving resources.


Müller Messebau is a member of Marcher Wirtschaftskreis e.V.

Müller Messebau GmbH is a member of the Marcher Wirtschaftskreis e.V. We value the strong relationships with businesses in our immediate vicinity and are proud to be a part of this local economic association.