Make precision perceptible

A lot of times, precision in measurement technology is something abstract – mostly because the things, that are measured, can’t be captured with your own senses. That’s why Testos’ task was, to make the precision of their measuring tools tangible at the booth. We mastered this challenge in two ways: on the one hand we offer the visitors plenty possibilities to touch and even try the measuring tools. At our newest booth for example we hid cooling- and heating loops behind a wall, which the visitors could search for with Testos’ thermal cameras. On the other hand we made the medium itself into a message: because the high quality execution, that distinguishes us in the production of the presentation tables, the mounting of the printed vinyls, laying the floor and tons of other detail work, emphasizes significantly the precision demands of our customers. Not for nothing we realized a lot of exhibition projects with the measurement technology specialists out of the black forest already.

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