Training Initiative 100PRO: We take part and assume responsibility.

Ausbildungsinitiative 100PRO: Wir machen mit und übernehmen Verantwortung.

Müller Messebau GmbH has signed the "Education Initiative 100PRO" and therefore promises to fulfill the relevant key points for ensuring a sound education in the event industry. This includes a balance between trainees and professionals, the commitment of teaching educational contents according to the program as well as the presentation of an operational trainings plan.

We commit to…

  • a better education quality
  • fair training conditions
  • attractiveness of apprenticeships
  • the future of the event industry

Only well-educated young people can successfully lead and shape the event industry into the future. Due to the mediation of profound practical knowledge of experts, from all relevant operational areas and disciplines, the trainees are well prepared for their future careers - in the companies as well as in vocational schools. Only if a professional education is ensured also future employers can rely on the knowledge of young professionals.

To ensure and improve professional education, both in the company of the event industry as well as in schools, an educational codex was developed on the initiative of the EVVC. This was realized together with the industry associations AUMA, VPLT and FAMAB. The codex illustrates the key building blocks of education to event managers and specialists for event technology. Additional it appeals to all companies to comply with the guideline and therefore ensure a consistent quality of education.

Similarly, the authors of the codex support a high quality of education and for cooperative working between the two places of learning.

More information is available at: www.100PRO.ORG


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