Welcome Ystral!

December 2021

ystral gmbh maschinenbau + processtechnik

Welcome Ystral!

A revolution in battery manufacturing: Nothing less is what the process specialists out of Ballrechten-Dottingen have decided to do. To prodice batteries, metal powder and liquids have to be very homogenously mixed to a paste. Until now that process took multiple steps, a variety of solvents and a lot of time. The dispersing system from Ystral  does all that in a single step, in just a couple minutes and with full control of the outcome – that’s how battery- and car manufacturers can finally produce at high speed.

Our task as a booth builder is to make the company and its new technology known on the markets all around the globe. Therefor Ystral can not only lean on our network of partners and our multi year experience with tradeshow appearances worldwide but also on our own advertising agency, that translates the performance promise into a high attention tradeshow appearance.


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