Our trade show services from A to Z 

Impress with attention to detail!

We set the stage for your brands, messages and products with simple shapes and clean lines. But that is merely the beginning: High-quality materials and the best workmanship underscore your quality standards, and precisely coordinated details create a positive atmosphere and draw visitors to your booth. Have a look at some of our detailed solutions here:

Engage visitors and help your booth stand out against the crowd: Illuminated walls create an attractive, pleasant atmosphere at your booth and highlight your company's image with bright, vibrant colors. Plus, the backlit fabric panels give you great flexibility: Simply use new cover materials to address new markets, present new products, and beautifully convey new messages.

Backlit counters provide ease of orientation: Illuminated counters show your customers the best place to start a conversation with you. They also add to the atmosphere of your booth and – bearing your corporate design – increase the visibility of your brand.

Showcase your product in the best light. With flexible lighting elements, presentation columns draw the attention of visitors in a targeted fashion. The glass structure gives your customers a full view of the exhibits, their size and texture – and that is what makes a trade show booth fundamentally different from pictures and movies on the web.

Make your mark with light: Show who you are, what you can do, and your future plans for your market. A wide range of light and color design options are available for this purpose: Meter-high lighting elements for your key images, illuminated three-dimensional brand signs, entire walls of digital displays, or we can even build your entire booth out of light.

Custom display solutions

Making technology tangible and accessible: This is a critical factor in the success of any trade show presentation. Users can interact with our custom display solutions and see what makes your products special. We work with you to develop a unique display solution using wood, glass, electrical, electronic and interactive elements.

Custom technical solutions

We will set up tents for you. We will fill your exhibit walls with water so plants can grow. We will transform your booth into an intelligent building. We always think one size bigger and develop trade show concepts that stand out from the crowd. As long as it is technically feasible, we are open to any idea.

At Müller Messebau, we plan, design, and build your custom exhibition booth for trade shows in Germany and around the world. We stand for creative ideas, first-rate craftsmanship, and a structured approach in which nothing is left to chance. We see your exhibit through to the end, even when the planning has just started.

Success begins with the first consultation.

We are much more than just exhibit builders. As your partner for trade show communications, we advise and support you from the initial planning to the subsequent follow-up of your trade show appearance. With us, you get a comprehensive range of services from a single source:

Defining your trade show goals

What do you want to achieve with your exhibit? Do you wish to close sales right at your booth? Do you want to meet new business partners and keep in touch with existing ones? Or would you like to create more exposure for your company and products? We will work with you to define your trade show objectives and determine the size, type and design of your future booth.

Your exhibition concept

We will develop a compelling booth concept for you: within your budget, according to your specifications and technical requirements, as a single booth for a specific exhibition, or as an overall design that can be used at a variety of trade shows. Thanks to our well-equipped workshop, there are virtually no limits to the design: We work with wood, metal, and plastic, and are well-versed in electrical, media, and event installations.

Creating your corporate design

A successful trade show requires not only an impressive booth, but also a unique look for your company in terms of images and graphics. Our in-house agency will not only adapt your existing corporate design to the booth, but also develop logos, colors, and imagery for a distinctive look.
In-house advertising agency

Realizing your exhibition booth

We’ll take care of it for you! We handle the entire process, from project management with the exhibition company to logistics and on-site assembly and disassembly of the booth.
We also offer a complete maintenance and servicing package. If you wish, we can store the reusable elements for you and prepare them for your next show.

Training your staff

Whether it is sales professionals, technicians or trade fair hostesses: The people who work at your booth are the face of your company, and the way they present themselves will determine whether or not the show is a success for you. Our training staff will ensure that your employees are polished and confident in their presentation and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Follow-up to your trade show

After the show is before the show. That is why our consulting specialists will work with you to develop a comprehensive follow-up concept even before the trade show begins: What is the most efficient way to meet new business partners? How do you follow up with booth visitors after the show? And how do you measure the success of your booth? Let us advise you – and help turn contacts into customers!

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