Your Advantage for Trade Show Booth Construction: Our U.S. Branch

For European companies, the United States is one of the most important markets globally. Home to the most well-known brands and major financial centers, the U.S. is a hub for technological innovations and, as the world’s largest economy, a highly sought-after market.

To help you succeed in this market, we are already here for you. From our branch near Orlando, Florida, we create your trade show booths in the USA. This local presence offers you many benefits:

Years of Experience in the USA

At Müller Messebau, we specialize in trade show booths across the Atlantic and have been directly present in the American market since 2012 with our own branch. We understand how to construct trade show booths that appeal to and persuade American visitors. We have mastered the numerous technical and organizational intricacies that make trade show construction in the USA so demanding.

Short Distances

Our trade show booths for the USA are created at our branch in Cocoa, Florida. Here, our team manufactures booth components and prepares all materials for transportation to trade shows across the country. This allows us to bypass the extensive and time-consuming logistics across the Atlantic - and respond very flexibly to your individual wishes.

Personal Contact Persons

Time zones, language barriers, and cultural differences are irrelevant for collaborating with you: your personal contact person receives your inquiries at our headquarters in Freiburg – for your trade show booth in the USA and at any other trade show location worldwide.

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Matthias Glaser
Managing Director, Design, Planning, Project Management
Daniel Spatz
Managing Director, Technical Project and Construction Management
Erik Keever
Erik Keever
Project Management International Business