Start your virtual tradeshow! Now.

We set the scene – digital and interactive.

As a display house we set companies and their products in scene - with colors, lights and architecture. That applies to real events, but even more so for virtual trade shows. To make it possible for you to impress your customers without the personal contact, we created our own platform for virtual events on the base of the 3D-engine Unity.

Our goal in the development was: provide the visitors with a real trade show experience. That’s why you and your guests can freely move and have a look around in our trade show world, examine products from all sides and get in touch easily through chat and videochat – just like at a real trade show, but only with a keyboard, mouse and a browser from your desk.

A virtual exhibition from Mueller Messebau is therefor not only technically, but also economically persuasive. In our “digital tradeshow model kit” you’ll find plenty functions that were already developed and that we can individualize for your company cost- effectively. These include:

  • Welcoming of the guests with real persons in front of a computer generated 3D graphic.
  • Implementation of movies and animations on screens in the virtual world
  • Staging of products directly in the application context
  • External links to documents, webinars, chat- and video functions

You get an interactive medium with your virtual trade show, that doesn’t only impress your customers during show hours, but far beyond that as well.

Even with all the new techniques one thing you can rely on: a custom-made, high attention performance created by Mueller Messebau. Only with a couple more creative capabilities.

or get inspired by our customer project "Virtual stand construction, Testo SE for IHS digital 2021"!