Ampere Computing LLC

CloudFest, 2024, Rust, 35 sqm

The trend in data centers is heading in one direction: more power and more energy consumption. The chip specialists at Ampere Computing from California are pushing back against this trend. Under the slogan "Less power is the new power," they develop processors for cloud and AI applications, prioritizing high energy efficiency and sustainability.

For this unique positioning, the company wanted a standout booth design, and we've brought their vision to life with various design elements. The ceiling hanger makes Ampere visible from a distance. The backlit walls in the brand's color make the booth stand out from the crowd. The LED wall in the corner dynamically shares information and cleverly hides a server. We're especially proud of the side lighting on the wall profiles – we've used Octalux profiles, a solution offered by very few booth builders. With all these elements, we've created a booth that leaves a lasting impression and attracts visitors.