Barnes Group Inc.

K, 2022, Düsseldorf, 225 sqm

The hexagon is this years’ leading motive for the tradeshow appearance of the Barnes Group. It stands equally for the organic chemistry as well as the 6 synthetics specialists that gathered together in a group. We implemented this motive consequently: in the shape of the booth closet and the meeting lounge, in the carpet and the hanging signs that are visible from way afar.

Even the two communication islands get their frame by the floating looking lightframe built in a hexagonal shape. With the lit bottoms of the hanging sign and the LED-walls, this end cap booth clearly stands out of the environment and for the interaction with customers there was something special this year as well: with the help of a scanner from labeling experts Digimarc, visitors could sort various plastics accurately. This technique is an important contribution of the Barnes group to the reusage of plastics.

By the way: To bring together multiple companies with different appearances is always a task. That we are able to find solutions for it can be seen in our booth concepts of the past years:

Barnes Group Inc., K 2019, Düsseldorf
Barnes Group Inc., K 2016, Düsseldorf