İlmac, 2023, Basel, 25 sqm

Even small differences in temperature can cause large variations in biochemical analyses, especially when hundreds of samples are tested in succession. Using sophisticated climate control technology, BMG LABTECH's analytical instruments ensure that comparable conditions are always maintained, even when the sun or employees themselves heat up the lab.

In keeping with the claim "Just keep it cool", we designed a very cool but eye-catching head booth. We achieved this through the consistent use of the color white, which we made even more vibrant through the use of lighting elements in the back wall and the illumination of the floor, which comes strictly from above. Purple, the corporate color, is used to accent it: in the contour lines of the graphics, in the fonts, and with a line that runs across the floor and down the sides of the back wall. BMG LABTECH makes a real difference – this is the unmistakable message of our booth concept.