Geister Medizintechnik GmbH

EACTS, 2023, Wien, 36 sqm

How do you successfully strike up conversations with surgeons at a conference when other competitors are there? Firstly, you need an outstanding selection of surgical instruments, which our customer Geister Medizintechnik GmbH has got covered. Secondly, you need to stage things just right so that they stand out from the crowd, and we’ve got that handled.

The 6 × 6 meter island booth clearly sets itself apart from the competition with backlit areas on the pillar, bridge, and the booth cabin. Our customer’s core values expertise and quality are reflected in the elegant furniture, the shiny floor, and high-quality workmanship of the entire booth.

Furthermore, we’ve permanently won over Geister Medizintechnik with our expertise in trade fair booth construction, as it’s not for nothing that we’ve been working with them for many years now:
> EACTS Barcelona, 2021
> EACTS Mailand, 2018
> EACTS Amsterdam, 2017


The entire trade fair planning through Müller Messebau is a pro-active cooperation. Fast response times, professional advice and, if necessary, uncomplicated solutions on site.
Geister Medizintechnik GmbH has been relying on the services of Müller Messebau for more than 10 years.
Thank you!

Fabio Paterno
VP Global Sales
Geister Medizintechnik GmbH