Holzhaus Fabrik GmbH

GETEC, 2024, Freiburg, 48 sqm

The message: WE ARE HERE TO MAKE IT WOOD. This is how the wooden house factory promotes its custom-built homes.

The task: Simple. Bring this message to life. Make sure no one at the trade show can miss it.

The tools: A booth, entirely in the brand color black. Custom-painted furniture, also in black. A 4-meter-high booth cabin. A 6-by-6 meter ceiling hanger. And most importantly, a back wall that makes every single letter shine.

The result: It’s become WOOD. That’s what our client would say.


Our first trade show was a huge success! A key part of that success was the highly professional booth and the support from Müller Messebau. Customers, employees, and even our neighboring exhibitors were impressed by our stand. It was especially important for us to showcase our design while staying cost-efficient. Müller Messebau delivered the perfect solutions! Thank you for your support. We’re definitely sticking with you!

Sascha Gehring
Managing Director
Holzhaus Fabrik GmbH