Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH

GreenTech, 2022, Amsterdam, 39 sqm

The best soil sometime is (almost) no soil – that's what the substrate speicialists from Klasmann-Deilmann believe in.Together with their partner Maan Biobased Products they offer tiny, biodegradable cultivation pods, wherein vegetables, berries and herbs can sprout and grow roots in a nutrient solution with minimum of substrates.

We built the fitting frame for this product innovation: Therefor we transform the central lightbox element into a growing station for salad, with plexiglass, water tank – and of course the fitting vinyls and backlit elements, that draw the attention to the plant, growing pod and the magnificently grown rootball. Because we are also good at gardening!

By the way: Klasmann-Deilmann was represented in the USA with a similar concept as well. You can find the american variation here.