Buchmesse, 2022, Frankfurt, 54 sqm

“We want a completely new booth design, minimalistic and communicative” – that was the demand, with which RBA contacted us. The Spanish publishing company publishes books and magazines in more than 50 countries and was in the lookout for an attention seeking presentation at “Frankfurter Buchmesse”.

For the demand “minimalistic“ we mostly got our influence from the corporate design of RBA. The dominating part herein are the colors black and white, clear lines and right-angled shapes. For the prominent design of the booth we therefor used, in collaboration with RBA, black as the main color – on the floors, the hanging signs and the high quality produces presentation furniture. White on the other hand was interpreted by us as white light which draws the attention purposely towards the magazines and books from RBA. The wish to have a “communicative“ booth was fulfilled by an open build, that invites you to just stroll around and check out. We purposely didn’t use a counter to create meeting areas with a library atmosphere with the help of backlit fabrics. The visitors proofed that this puristic design isn’t just optically but also communicatively convincing. They showed up in large groups and examined the large selection of books and magazines and searched proactively the communication with the employees of RBA.


Müller Messebau understood right from the get go how to implement our ideas.
The booth we ordered was even better than imagined: Müller Messebau perfectly took care of the whole booth and even the smallest details

Elsa Esparbe