Sportpark GmbH & Co.KG

Free weights area, 2024, Schutterwald

Booth construction profiles are actually designed for quick assembly and disassembly. But because they are extremely durable, they are also ideal for long-term use. A good example is the sports park in Schutterwald, which celebrated its reopening in early 2024. We used the new illuminated profiles from our trade show materials store to create a cuboid made of light.

The profiles are black anodized to match the environment and have two illuminated sides. This creates the perfect setting for training with heavy weights – and gives athletes the opportunity to show off their best side.

By the way: We implemented a similar long-term project with trade show elements for logistics specialist Streck Transport. We redesigned their entrance area with custom furniture and backlit pictures.
> Streck Transportgesellschaft mbH, entrance area, 2023, Freiburg