Sustainability in trade show construction:
we’re rising to the challenge!

Sustainable trade show construction is a significant challenge. How can we reuse trade show materials when each booth is custom-made? How can we reduce packaging and transportation when we participate in 300 trade shows annually across Germany and Europe? And what about the emissions from the shows and the travel of attendees? Clearly, there's still a lot to do before trade show construction becomes truly climate- and resource-neutral – in our industry and beyond.

At Müller Messebau, we’re rising to the challenge and already contributing to more sustainability in various ways:

  • Reusable Booth Components: We implement most of our booths as system stands with reusable construction elements.

  • Storage and Reuse: We store furniture, flooring, printed walls, and other booth elements for our clients, bringing them to the next trade show for reuse.

  • Reduced Packaging: We focus on avoiding packaging materials and use sturdy, long-lasting transport crates for many of our standard components.

  • Photovoltaic System: In 2021, we installed a photovoltaic system on our company building. This allows us to generate a significant portion of our energy needs on-site.

  • Sustainable Logistics: We practice sustainable route planning to avoid empty trips and redundant travel. For our employees' commutes, we support eco-friendly transportation with Germany Tickets and bike subsidies.

  • Climate Initiative Participation: In 2023, our team participated in the climate protection initiative The Week, learning more about the impending climate changes and discussing additional measures for our company.

  • One outcome of these discussions was our Christmas initiative: Instead of the usual gifts, we teamed up with the Green Forest Fund to gift each of our clients a tree and a 5-square-meter plot of forest. This will grow into a vibrant, biodiverse forest in the future.


We’re committed to continuing our journey towards sustainability. Stay tuned!